Following these unusual times, Acabados Abellán has returned with a collection that is quite simply indispensable. The finishes are suggestive of a return to the origins of tanning to retrieve the drive and passion behind work well done. Wiser, more serene but also more creative and unique.

The new Spring-Summer 2022 collection is brimming with colour, colour and colour. Smooth, nubuck and natural finishes abound.

A luminous optimism seems to have inoculated the entire Acabados Abellán team. Following months of uncertainty, clarity of ideas and simplicity prevail. Nothing better than bright, warm days to throw out the old and bring in the new. This is what items like Abilene, Antik, Babylon, California and Candem seek to achieve. Simplicity: perfect for casual accessories or ones with a natural touch.

The warmth of crafted goods is retrieved in imitation plaits such as Emory. There is freshness in the dotted Kindu and Makoua styles. Dondo and Leeds bring us incredibly accomplished textures.

Everything is a little lighter and more joyful in the summer; like life itself.  Designs for 2022 must join in with that spirit if they want to set a trend.

Creative reptile imitations for scorching nights

With a select range of crocodile and snake imitations, certain items bring an updated edge to earlier collections: Kisumu and Likasi are imaginative and unique while Malakal adds a touch of distinction. Acabados Abellán suggests taking a step forward next season and using bold designs to seduce. The summer is passion, too, and a touch of emotional intensity rounds the collection off, bringing us the diversity of the summer: joy and serenity; melancholy and passion.

In short, the entire collection has been conceived for the fashion-lovers who will be behind next summer’s trend-setting shoes, bags and leather goods.


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