The Acabados Abellán designs will set the trends for 2019/2020


Sophisticated and evocative leathers for the upcoming Autumn-Winter season

Untouched and natural is the fashion trend for 2019. The same is true for top quality leather. The trends for this season include leathers than can transmit both ease and sophistication, just like the new Acabados Abellán range for the 2019/2020 Autumn-Winter season. The collection is a tribute to top-quality materials and timeless elegance that are always searching for new sources of inspiration.

The inspiration comes from exotic places, wild fauna and tropical fruits. The leathers span natural and sophisticated looks and they give footwear and leather goods a unique touch.

Acabados Abellán has used cowhide and split leather to create evocative looks in a wide range of finishes that tie in with the latest trends and please even the most demanding of tastes. They include patent, laminated, mother-of-pearl, nubuck, screen printed, embossed and natural finishes.

The materials transport us to faraway latitudes. Alcora, for example, is a tribute to the cashmere that originated in Tibet, whilst Aranda reminds us of the shiny desert sand.

The animal hide in this collection takes on a new feel with innovative designs that retain their elegant essence. The designs go from the natural look of the Arcadia snakeskin to the creativity of Bretón that simulates the skin of an imaginary creature that arose from El Bosco’s paintbrush. We must not forget the juxtaposition between warmth and cold in Parma and the dazzling glow of Selby. The villain in the Garden of Eden was the inspiration for both of these looks.

When we are talking about animal skin, we cannot forget the classic snakeskin we call Mission with scales that have been imitated to perfection. Or Kasama that is right out of Africa, the animal skin of a ferocious leopard. Or even the texture and finish of Ademuz, a classic patent that reminds us of wild animals.

The contrast between the patent finish and engraving in Boston Zafiro evokes a crocodile’s smooth and flexible skin. This animal is also the inspiration for the look in Rodena, whilst Moncada revives a lizard’s sleepy skin.

Elephants are responsible for making their imposing presence known in Eagle and Ranger, with leathers that are craftsmanship through and through. Perfect and smooth textures for fashion items and accessories with light tones and blues that are a perfect match.

The collection is full of new colours and ideas for all types of products and includes darker tones for the colder months that combine with more daring colours. They range from the wild red in Houston or Sames, both of which are gentle and striking, to the earthy orange of Soure, a porous finish with maximum flexibility. The shiny patent finish in Delos or Tempo is the perfect touch for a more classic look. The classic sand tone of Silk, meanwhile, goes with any item of clothing.

Overlapping light and shade and the optical illusions on natural leather are another of the trends for the upcoming Autumn-Winter season. These are the optical games that the craftspeople in Acabados Abellán have materialised in evocative and original finishes. We go from the foggy streets that we find in Bronx to the laminated leather with a mirror effect in Mirror and the mother-of-pearl and nocturnal texture of Eagle.

The natural look is not only present in our raw materials but also in the subdued and elegant designs for this Autumn-Winter collection.  Mirror is direct, warm and different whilst Tama takes a chance on a natural look that can be personalised with different types of embossing. These designs run right from the lunar elegance of Tiles through to the traditional and ground-breaking essence of Timber. They even improve on nature itself.



Acabados Abellán


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